Cover your bases for a successful metabolism change

Our metabolism is like an orchestra. All processes interlock and create harmony, but this is out of balance for many people due to improper nutrition and lifestyle.

Find out in the video how you can become the conductor of this orchestra through Metabolic Balance and why a blood analysis is essential before you change your diet.

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Your blood tells a story about your body

There is approximately five to six liters of blood circulating constantly in the widely-branched network of your blood vessels – to every corner of your body and every organ. Different illnesses can change the amount of cells and substances in the blood. As a result, your blood provides a deeper picture on how your organs and organ system function, as well as whether you are at risk for inflammation or disease. For medical doctors, blood analysis is an indispensable method of ascertaining the condition of your health.

Your blood values can also be used to analyse your nutrient levels, including whether you are deficient or sufficient in specific nutrients. On the Metabolic Balance program.

The results of the blood analysis are then integrated together with your personal details. This includes your previous health history and dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, paleo, keto, etc. All of this information creates the basis of your individualized Metabolic Balance meal plan.

Highly Individual

... with personal coaching

Changing your diet and lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that has its challenges.

That’s why we won’t leave you empty-handed. We give you access to professional, personal, and tailor-made support. Experienced doctors, alternative practitioners, nutritionists, and therapists trained in Metabolic Balance will help you along the way.

As a result, the meal plan and the simultaneous care give you support, security, and real prospects of success to help you achieve your personal goals when it comes to your metabolism, weight, and overall wellbeing.


4 Phase Nutritional Concept

After a consultation with your Metabolic Balance coach you will receive your individualized meal plan. It is the sum of all its parts that makes this program a successful one. The Metabolic Balance program is divided into four phases that complement each other:

The first phase is known as the cleansing or preparation phase, and it lasts two days. Your body will now be accustomed to your new meal plan. In this cleansing phase, you will only eat light food, such as vegetables, fruit, rice or potatoes. When the stomach and intestines have been emptied, the body switches to food that comes from the inside, namely from the fat reserves (keto metabolism). You will not experience any hunger cravings. As early as phase 1, you should also drink plenty of water to guarantee sufficient hydration.
The body requires time to detoxify (eliminate the poisons) and reset its metabolism in order to regain a healthy balance. The second phase should last at least 14 days. This is called the “strict conversion phase” or “detox phase.” Your diet will contain lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. The alkaline minerals in the diet bind acids, and therefore the acids are eliminated from the body. The healthy foods in the meal plan support detoxification by itself. That being said, compliance with Metabolic Balance rules are very important during this “strict” second phase. When you practice self-discipline in this phase, it will be a rewarding experience for you. In just the first few days on this phase, you will begin to feel better. You can continue this phase past 14 days and stay on it until you reach your goal.
Things begin to change for you in Phase 3 – also called the “relaxed conversion phase.” In this phase you may stop measuring your food quantity and even try foods that aren’t on your list. 
You made it! In Phase 4, your metabolism has changed and you can begin to feel the fruits of your labour. For instance, you notice your weight loss, you sleep better, and your newfound vitality gives you a new sense of confidence. In Phase 4, the goal is to maintain your success for the long-term. That is why it is also called the “maintenance phase.” In the last few weeks, you have learned that the Metabolic Balance meal plan is the ideal lifestyle for you. You now feel great, but if your metabolism should become imbalanced again, you have a plan – a Metabolic Balance plan!

As individual and unique as you are…

... that’s what you get with your Metabolic Balance meal plan. This is because it’s based on your unique blood values, personal information and eating habits.

New: The plan is also available as an app that you can use at any time and anywhere. 

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