Sylvia, 60 y.o, lost 10 kilos in 3 months


Why did you start the Metabolic Balance Program?

Withoin 3 years, following several emotional issues (divorce, reunion with my mother after 30 years of absence) I gained 12 kg (75 kg for 153 cm). I went from a size 40 to a size 46/48 and even 50. My whole appearance changed, my body swelled, I could no longer face my image in a mirror, I could not stand the eyes of others, I was moping and was slowly sinking into a depression.

My pulmonologist told me: "Ms., you excess weight is definetely a reason for your sleep apnea".

My doctor told me: "Ms., your joint pain is due to your overweight".

My mother told me : "My daughter, you are too big".

My children told me: "Mom, you have to lose weight".

Weight, weight, weight, it was always coming down to my excess weight. It had to stop!

How did you feel before starting your Metabolic Balance program?

  • Antidepressants for 20 years
  • Interrupted sleep at night
  • Checked for 2 years for sleep apnea (1h30 of sleep apnea every night), hence at high risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Eczema from a young age (treatment was necessary for me to manage my itching)
  • Joint pains which got worse with my weight increase (painful legs and feet)
  • Running out of breath every time I moved. I could hardly do anything without having to stop every 5 minutes.

I was in such a bad shape. 

Why did you choose Metabolic Balance?

My doctor suggested it to me during a consult, as it was just being released. 

How did it go with your nutrition plan?

What I found difficult: getting rid of my toxic eating habits, drinking 2 to 3 liters of water a day, learning again how to eat for myself and not to please others, perseverance. After 10 days, I had lost 3.6 kg and was already sleeping better. 3 months later, I was at -10.3 kg. I rediscovered the pleasure of walking, of cycling, in short, of being active! From a size 46/48 or even 50, I went back to a size 40/42. I felt I was getting my life back. My joint pain and eczema practically disappeared and I stopped my antidepressant in agreement with my doctor.

What has been the biggest change for you since starting the Metabolic Balance program?

I now listen to my body needs. Today I know exactly what food to eat. The benefits for me: I became aware of overeating, I rediscovered a taste for flavors, I take the time to prepare and enjoy my food. I'm now chasing my ideal weight goal between 55 and 60 kg, but I still have time ahead of me. My shape has transformed. I'm finally taking care of myself. I discovered the pleasures of being active again!