Simon W., 20 y.o, lost 28 kilos


Why did you start the Metabolic Balance Program?

I was studying economics at school. Sports classes were always frustrating to me. Whether it was volleyball, soccer or any other sport - it was impossible for me to follow! Bad grades could even be anticipated in advance. I was getting out of breath so quickly. I didn't have the strength or stamina to continue. Sports classes were boring to me! I remember it as if it were yesterday: my sports teacher at the time took me aside and talked to me: he was convinced that I could play sports, participate in sports classes, keep up with the other students and even get good grades. The only problem was that I was overweight. “If I weighed 20 kilos more, I would be unable to practice any sports,” he said. My gym teacher asked me if I had ever heard of Metabolic Balance. He explained to me that he and his family were following the program and were very satisfied with it. He advised me to see if there was a coach near me. I did not know Metabolic Balance. I felt very motivated by this conversation, so I asked my parents if they had heard of it. And yes, it happened that my mother's homeopathic doctor was a Metabolic Balance coach. It wasn't long after that I had a consultation with him and had my blood test done.

How did you feel before starting your Metabolic Balance program?

Since I was young, I always was in excess weight. In fact, I was chubby. And with age, I gained even more weight. In high school, I weighed around 100 kilos. After school, I started an apprenticeship as a cook. Which meant to me: irregular and unhealthy meals, a lot of stress and frustration. After a year, I dropped out of training. At that time, I reached 113 kilograms.

Why did you choose Metabolic Balance?

As I explained, my mother knew a medical doctor who had been a Metabolic Balance coach for a long time. I knew this doctor and my sports teacher were right. I didn't have to think long and hard about joining the program and just went for it.

How did it go with your nutrition plan?

Two weeks after the initial interview with my coach in mid-November 2010, I had my nutrition program in my hands, so I could get started. What a change the first few days! Drink a lot - and only water -, take "only" three meals a day and in addition, weighing my food, follow the new rules, respect the breaks in between meals ... But very quickly, everything worked wonders. I lost weight, and the leaner I got, the more motivated I was. Even the Christmas season was a breeze despite all the good things I had to give up. By mid-February, I had already lost over 15 kilos. I started to enjoy sports classes more and more and even started playing sports in my spare time. Six months later, I was still in phase 2 of my Metabolic Balance, I had lost 25 kilos - so my first intermediate goal was reached.

What has been the biggest change for you since starting the Metabolic Balance program?

There is no change that I can say is "more important". Many things have changed. Thanks to Metabolic Balance, I now dress in size M instead of XXL. I manage to run longer distances. My self-confidence has increased by 100%. I do strength and endurance sports daily at a fitness center.