Pierrette K., 40 y.o, lost 23 kilos in 11 months


Why did you start the Metabolic Balance Program?

At the end of 2010, I had a stroke which damaged my right arm. In fact, I had an arterial obstruction in my right arm. What a frightening situation! I had to undergo an emergency surgery! At the time, I weighed 80 kilos for 1.68 m, I dressed in 42-44 and I was a smoker.

How did you feel before starting your Metabolic Balance program?

I had suffered from neurodermatitis for a long time. Until the day of my stroke, I would stay awake for hours at night, it had almost become unbearable. I was on sick leave four to five times a year - which meant my life wasn't very pleasant. I must say I have never been really thin.

Why did you choose Metabolic Balance?

It was a friend who told me about it. I looked it up on the internet and searched for a certified coach near me. What I liked right away was the personalized approach to the program with a preliminary blood test and individualized coaching.

How did it go with your nutrition plan?

After a week, I had lost 3.5 kilos and could sleep without interruption again. My goal was to lose 12 kilos without really believing in it. In the end, I managed to lose 23! I reached my new weight in October 2011 and until today I dress in 38! I am a whole different person now, physically also. Most of the time, my clients don't even recognize me - it's a lot of fun!

What has been the biggest change for you since starting the Metabolic Balance program?

Today, I go mountain biking with my boyfriend on a regular basis and I'm no longer a "snail" always lagging behind. I recently had a test done at a fitness center: my biological age was 24! 

Of course, my neurodermatitis hasn't completely gone away, but I manage the disease much better now that I know what foods to avoid.