Peter lost 50 kilos in one year

My journey started in August 2011. My girlfriend and even one of my colleague from work told me many times that it was time for me to take care of my weight issue. I was not really aware of it, on the contrary, I had good relations with those around me, I was found to be positive and full of life. I didn't realize at all how big I had become, even fat to be honest. I had no particular problems and felt rather healthy. So I ignored the comments about my weight, telling myself that if one day this became a problem, I would act on it.

I had heard of Metabolic Balance before because my aunt had good results using it. For me, it needed a simple method and I did not want to practice sports. It was a comment I heard about myself during an info session that was the trigger for me. When the doctor who presented the at the event said: "No one in this room weighs 150 kg, I think ... except perhaps the young man over there ….. " ! And it was me he was pointing at! 150 kg - me ?! ... In fact, the scale read 144 kg when I weighed after the blood test.

Today, a year later, I weigh 50 kg less and I am very happy with my decision! Although I am very busy with my work, the support from my Metabolic Balance coach worked wonderfully!

As for sport: since January, I have been practicing taekwondo. It is success that motivates me. After all, I'm excited that you can get such good results with so little effort. The super positive feedback from those around me motivates me even more.

I hardly had any difficulties because I am quite disciplined. It was maybe cooking that gave me more troubles at the beginning. Overtime, it got a lot easier, also because I decided to make it easier for me. For example, I limit myself to a few foods, less than what is shown on my meal plan. I admit I often eat the same thing, but it saves me the hassle of making menus. Drinking four liters of water a day also gave me a hard time at the beginning, but it's much easier now because I got used to it and because I don't only drink water, but also herbal teas for breakfast and lunch.

When I look at myself in the mirror today, I find myself more attractive than a year ago. My arms look like they are finally where they are supposed to be! But it's not over yet ... I'm still active and will continue to be until my weight has dropped to at least 83 kg. My secret goal is even to reach my ideal weight: 73 kg. But this will really be the cherry on the cake!