"My transformation at 55 y.o: I went from a 44/46 to a 40/42 dress size"


For many years, I wore size 44/46 clothes and constantly strived to lose weight. Yet I have never been able to maintain my weight for a long time. Thanks to Metabolic Balance, I learned how easy it was to stay true to myself. From the first few weeks, I was impressed with my rapid weight loss and my sense of well-being, so I felt a new zest for life. I was more "self-aware" and allowed myself to take care of myself more. It was with great pleasure that I devoted my time, three times a day, to the topic of "eating well". I consciously prepared meals that I wanted, that made me happy and satiated me.

After four and a half months, I was already wearing size 40 pants to my surprise! Back then, I would never have hoped for such a change - especially not during menopause. I found that after starting my Metabolic Balance program, I only thought about eating three meals a day. No more snacking between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner, no more worrying about whether I could afford a little treat or not. What a relief ! I suddenly felt a lot more free and energized. And I also understood the following thing: staying true to yourself means taking responsibility for yourself and not being swayed or oppressed by the sugar industry and the consumer offer. Simmering exquisite meals from natural products three times a day and enjoying them with pleasure has a positive effect on my mood. The many options on my personal food list are so diversified that I always have a choice and always come up with great ideas.

I am an artist and I paint large paintings on canvas. Colors on the plate in the form of vegetables, fruits or protein creations have become a source of daily joy and inspiration for me. Metabolic Balance has helped me be at peace with myself!