Jennifer R. lost more than 35 kg!


Hi, my name is Jennifer, I am 25 years old and when I started the Metabolic Balance program earlier this year I weighed 110 kg. 

How did I find out about Metabolic Balance? It’s very simple. Christmas 2011, I saw pictures of myself and was shocked to see what I had become. Something had to change - no, everything had to change! 

So I decided to take action, educated myself, and that's how I discovered Metabolic Balance. I had tried quite a few diets before, but nothing really worked out for me, especially because of the yoyo effect. So I made an appointment with my current coach and, little by little, I changed my life. 

I found a new job that I'm fully satisfied with, moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and started my Metabolic Balance nutrition program. 

After eight months, I had lost 35 kg! I am so happy with my new weight and feel absolutely good about myself. 

I am often asked how I manage to lose weight given that my boyfriend eats "normally" and if that does not frustrate me too much? ... I have to say, it doesn't bother me at all and doesn't pose a problem if someone next to me is eating a pizza or a burger while I am enjoying my delicious meals. Because I know this is for my own good. 

The dreaded yoyo effect no longer scares me either because I don't intend to fall back into the trap of old eating habits and I intend to continue to eat healthily and pay attention to the quality of my food.

A lot of people also ask me how I got hold of myself. In fact, it’s quite simple. It clicked! Perhaps, it is comparable to someone who decides to quit smoking. It's something that goes on into your head and if you really want to, you can get it. And it's not as hard as you thought! 

Today, when I look at my "before" and "after" photos, I can hardly imagine that it was really me. I am extremely proud of the progress I have made in such a short time and I want to continue on that path. But I am also very grateful and proud of my friends, family, parents and boyfriend for their wonderful support. 

A very big thank you to my coach for his help and support!  Through my story, I want to be a role model and inspire others. And I think my photos speak for themselves. 

In short, my life has changed completely with Metabolic Balance, and for the better!