Why did you start the Metabolic Balance Program?

I used to be a good handball player and I trained almost every day. Yet I have never been slender. After I injured my knee again, my doctor advised me to stop handball. I continued to eat the same way although I was no longer compensating with sports, so the needle on the scale began to tilt more and more to the right.

How did you feel before starting your Metabolic Balance program?

In 2011, in the neurological clinic where I worked, we received a new wheelchair weighing platform. I climbed on it and then had the "shock of my life". After work, I went home, emptied the fridge and went out to buy some "healthy" products. I started to eat only cottage cheese and fruit. I lost five kilograms by starving myself this way, but I wasn't feeling really well.

Why did you choose Metabolic Balance?

Someone close to me advised me to go to an homeopathic doctor, who was also a Metabolic Balance coach. He first explained the concept of Metabolic Balance to me.

How did it go with your nutrition plan?

I started in October 2011 and was wearing a size 52. Today I wear a size 40 and have lost 66 kilos! You have to see it to believe it ! Without Metabolic Balance, I would never have had the chance to experience this new zest for life.

What has been the biggest change for you since starting the Metabolic Balance program?

Sport is once again part of my life. I now run three times a week and I play handball again at the sports club of my town (painlessly and with success). I feel really good! I don't wake up at night and my blood pressure and blood tests are excellent again. I have more confidence in myself and people around me find me positive. I can walk around stores and shop with my friends without being afraid of dropping something off the shelf with my butt and being looked at awkwardly by others.