Caroline N.


As an adult, I always bought size 42 clothes. I was happy with that. In 2002, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, a serious disease of the thyroid gland, I began to gain weight more and more, and this without even eating more and despite the replacement drugs for the missing thyroid hormones. I was very unhappy. 

In 2004, during a visit to my dentist, I spoke about my weight gain issue and he recommended a Metabolic Balance program to balance my hormonal system. Until then, I had never heard of Metabolic Balance, but I would have tried anything to control this weight gain! At the time, there were very few healthcare professionals in my area who worked with this concept of nutrition. 

The following eight weeks were demanding! The change in nutrition was very painful for me and above all, my body resisted the change. However, I had suffered so much before because of my excess weight that I found all the "side effects" (cardiovascular weakness, need for heat, very dry skin, fatigue ...) easier to bear than the idea of ​​gaining weight, which made me so miserable. Then, after the nutrition change was made, I felt great and started to like the recommended foods. My coach supported me well throughout all the ups and downs.

My daughter Armelle was very impressed with my experience and she did a test on herself. Soon after, she began offering the Metabolic Balance program to patients in her naturopathic dietitian office. As for her clothes, she dresses in size 38 now. 

I have never stopped considering Metabolic Balance as the guiding principle of my diet. And since I love cakes, I allow myself to eat them on weekends, and I have to rebalance my diet on weekdays. I have been using the method for eight years, it works very well and currently - at the age of 67 - I weigh 56 kg and I dress in 38! My taste has changed and today I find it hard to understand how I once enjoyed eating things like pizza. 

Many of my friends always have good advice to give: for instance, take a kilo more to have fewer wrinkles, etc ... But I feel good as I am now and I want it to stay that way. To summarize my experience with Metabolic Balance, I can say it helped me find my balance again!